Message from the Mayor of Durango:

In Durango, we are working hard to improve our cultural and historical sites. Our city is motivated with pride today. The Historical Center of Durango [Centro Historico de Durango] has been recognized by the UNSECO as leader of Culture and Humanities on behalf of the “Real Path of the Inner Earth” [Camino Real de Tierra Adentro]. UNSECO recognized more than 749 buildings with architectural and historical value and significance according to the INAH catalog. However, they could also have included more than 2,000 buildings for their beauty and history.

The “Catedral Basílica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción de Durango” is the only cathedral in the northern part of Mexico, and it is one of the most beautiful for its architectural characteristics, and dimensions, valuable works of art, and number of relics.

We have majestic mountains, worthy to be admired on its own and by others, where you can observe the practice of extreme sports, and where you can breathe nature so deeply. The city of Durango celebrates 450 years since its foundation and we are preparing to give the best of what we have: Hospitality. Durango has a large number of cultural festivals, folk festivals, religious festivals, touristic routes and other activities that speak to our land and its origins. For these things, we depend on wide-open areas and convention centers and festivals to be the most important in the country.

We have museums that speak to our past and our future, such as the Museum of Funeral Art [Museo de Arte Funerario] --that is unique to the region, the Museum of Photography, Archeology, Popular Cultures, Art, Regional University, and Sculpture, and soon the museums of the City, Mineral Tunnel, and Museum of History.

Soon we will be the capital of culture in northern Mexico, and that is something that inspires and moves us. But the best thing is our people. We are committed to development and modernization, but also with respect for our identity and our past. Durango is yours, Durango is EVERYONE.

Come and enjoy it with us.

Message from the Director of Tourism Promotion:

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